Powering the Manpower

When productivity goes up, organizations and people rise up.

Find out why
neo Bench?

NeoBench is an AI powered cloud based Internal Training Management Solution targeted at the corporate, government and academic organizations.

The goal of neoBench Training Solution is to help organisations bloom by blooming their employees with greater productivity. This helps organisations grow faster and rise up.

Our Solutions

With our neoBench solution, you can easily align your organization goals across all levels. Create the finest and most engaging courses within few minutes. Upskill your existing employees with the contents and trainings through our accredited partners.

Through neoBench, any expert in your company can teach classes or share their knowledge online with their team, without the burden of building complex content or even hiring an instructional designer.

Through close collaboration with a rapidly growing number of partners across a wide range of high-demand subjects, our Content Marketplace provides a rich, carefully curated selection of learning content opportunities for our clients.

Our neoBi reports helps you to find and activate talents, fuel a person’s development and engagement, coach people into star performers, team leaders and business builders and many more…

Seamless custom integration with popular ERP’s, CRM’s, HRM’s and other business administration suites.